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Gallery of skydiving photos taken during the European Skydiving League finals held at Skydive Hibaldstow from the 11th to 13th Sept 2009.

If you have any photos you would like posting here, drop the centre an email.

+ team shots

ESL covers all 4 classes of the 4-way formation skydiving discipline. These links will be updated on the day of the jump.

Photos taken by Simon Brentford.


+ podium winners
All medal winners photos below taken by John Williamson.

Group Shots

Rookie Bronze - Blue Rebels (Greece), Rookie Silver - Gr4vity (UK), Rookie Gold - Meo (Holland)

A Bronze - PE (UK), A Silver - Slot Machines (UK), A Gold - Creeps (Holland)

AA Bronze - Random Vengeance (UK), AA Silver - Empat Laki Laki (Holland), AA Gold - Ignition (Holland)

AAA Bronze - Frost (Norway), AAA Silver - 4XTT (Belgium), AAA Gold - Satori (UK)


+ in air and on the ground
To be updated shortly.

Photos taken by Martin Heywood-Wakeman.

Photos taken by John Williamson.

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