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Amongst the many photographers and videographers, a selection of the best photos capturing the atmosphere of the competition has been assembled.

The 2009 podium winners along with ground and in air shots have been uploaded. As for 2010, the photos will appear shortly before the competition starts in August.

... ground shots

Photos taken by Simon Brentford.

Photos by Helen Arnold.

Photo taken by John Williamson.

Photos by Ryan Lee Brown.


... the podium - 4way
The winners of the 2009 National Championships are as follows:

Group Shots.

AAA Gold - Satori, AAA Silver - Pussy Galore, AAA Bronze - SonicNutz

AA Gold - Army Nemesis, AA Silver - Jet Blonds, AA Bronze - RAFSPA Firefly

A Gold - Unagi, A Silver - Sirius, A Bronze - Slot Machines

Rookie Gold - Full Stop, Rookie Silver - Gr4vity, Rookie Bronze - Baboonylon

Many thanks goes to John Williamson for the above photos. The 8-way, Artistics and Speed skydiving winners will be added after the event completes next week.


... the podium - 8way, Artistics, CF and Speed
Formation skydiving 8-way

8way Intermediate Group Shot

8way Senior Gold - We'll Take It, 8way Senior Silver - Brit Chicks, 8way Senior Bronze - XStormin8

8way Intermediate Gold - Blizzard, 8way Intermediate Silver - Awesome, 8way Intermediate Bronze - Sorted

Artistics events

Freefly A Gold - Volare, Freefly A Silver - Army Euphoria, Freefly A Bronze - Italian Job

Freestyle A Gold - Airkix Freestyle, Freestyle A Silver - Italian Job, Freestyle A Bronze - Go Freestyle

Freestyle B Gold - Chacho Rubio, Freestlye B Silver - , Freestyle B Bronze -

Skysurf A Gold - Borderline

Skysurf B Gold - Outlaw

Canopy Formation

CF 2way Sequential group shot


CF 2way Sequential Senior Gold - Yappy Dogs, CF 2way Sequential Senior Silver - Cellmates 2, CF 2way Sequential Senior Bronze - Outcast BKPC

Competitors not there to receive medals.

CF 2way Sequential Intermediate Gold - PH36

CF 4way Rotations Senior Gold - Outcasts, CF 4way Rotations Senior Silver - Canus Barkus

Competitors not there to receive medals.

CF 4way Rotations Intermediate Gold - Outcast Yellow

CF 4way Sequential Senior Gold - Cellmates 4, CF 4way Sequential Senior Silver - Outcasts

CF 4way Speed Stack Gold - Canus Barkus 218.43 secs, CF 4way Speed Stack Silver - Outcasts 236.07 secs

Speed Skydiving

Speed Skydiving Gold - Peter Warren, Speed Skydiving Silver - Mike Lovemore, Speed Skydiving Bronze - Alberto Fuertes. Speed Skydiving Gold (Womens) - Cat Adam

Photos above by Jo Croft, Andrew Lovemore, Mikey Mitchell and John Williamson. If you hover your mouse over each photo, a message will appear confirming who the specific photographer was.


... the party

Photos by Clara Melia.

Photos by Geetha Narayanan.

Photo by Helen Arnold.

... in air shots

Photos taken by John Williamson of CF team Canus Barkus and 8-way FS team Sorted.

Photos by Alan Thompson of AAA team Fusion.

Martin Wood's photos of 8-way team Awesome.

Photos of skysurfing by Andrew Lovemore.


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